Preventative Dental Care

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Why is Preventative Care Important?

Our experienced dental team offers a full range of general dental care services designed to keep your teeth looking healthy and bright. Our advanced procedures are designed to help you maintain good oral health, address current problems, prevent future issues, and identify any early concerns you may have. Oral disease is entirely preventable when responsible daily oral hygiene habits at home are combined with regular professional dental care. At each appointment, Dr. Denison and his hygienists will provide a regular cleaning accompanied by a thorough examination to detect the onset of any disease. It is our goal to help keep your smile healthy!

Checkups & Cleanings

A vital component to preventative dental care is routine cleanings and checkups. We recommend that you come visit us twice a year in addition to regular brushing and flossing at home to maintain your best oral health.

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Composite Fillings

Dr. Denison uses composite resin fillings as they are durable and resistant to fracture from the stresses of chewing. Composite fillings offer aesthetic appeal and are a good choice for patients who prefer their fillings to look more natural.

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Dental sealants are effective in preventing decay on the biting surfaces of your chewing teeth. Sealants protect the depressions and grooves of your teeth from food particles and plaque that brushing and flossing can’t reach. Sealants are ideal for children and teens.

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Same Day Crowns

Denison Dentistry is proud to offer CEREC® – the latest in single visit crowns technology. Cerec is a breakthrough computerized technology that allows us to create custom dental crowns, bridges, veneers and inlays right in our Newport News dental office.

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Periodontal Services

Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque (a sticky form of bacteria that forms on the teeth). If the plaque is not removed, it will continue to build up and create toxins that can damage the gums and cause gingivitis or bleeding gums.

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Dental injuries are the most common type of oral facial injuries sustained during participation in sports. Dr. Denison provides Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™. Dr. Denison recommends all athletes wear protective mouthguards.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Denison recommends that all adult dental patients have a cancer screening test performed once a year. Diagnosing diseases in the mouth as early as possible is very important. The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more successful treatment will be.

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Sleep Apnea

Snoring and breathing pauses during sleep are symptoms of a very serious condition called sleep apnea. Customized night guards work very well to treat sleep apnea problems and are specifically designed to provide you with the most comfortable fit for your mouth.

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