Patient Centered Dental Care

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Patient Comfort & Care

We place an emphasis on the comfort of our patients during all phases of treatment. Soft warm colors and lighting are used to create a calming environment. Patients can enjoy their choice of tea or coffee while they watch the big screen TV in the waiting area or browse through a magazine. Our patients can also watch TV or listen to music in their private treatment rooms. Headphones are offered for those individuals who are especially nervous about the sounds they hear in a dental office. We also offer nitrous oxide and other methods of reducing anxiety, and warm towels are offered to patients to help them refresh after their procedures. We also have a comfortable consultation area where we can review  treatment with our patients in a more private setting.

Patient Focused

We promote life-long health through patient-centered, clinically excellent dental care

  • Inviting  & friendly environment
  • Comfortable waiting area with amenities
  • Nitrous Oxide available
  • Private Consultation Room
  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Advanced Sterilization Techniques
  • Patient Education

Patient Education

We also believe that patient education is important. We inform patients about all the ways that they can keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. We start with very young children, showing them that visits to the dentist can be fun and introducing them to brushing and dental checkups. We reinforce the importance of brushing and flossing to our teenage patients. We educate them about concerns of their age group such as hygiene, cleaning around braces, the dangers of tobacco and piercings and effects of sodas and candies. We help our adult patients to keep their teeth healthy and we make recommendations about products that will help make it easier for them to keep their mouths in optimal shape.

We Look Forward to Helping You Achieve a Healthy Beautiful Smile!

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