General dentistry with Dr. Denison

One of the most important things any parent can do for their children is to stress the importance of following good oral hygiene practices. By starting with their children when they are very young, parents can teach their kids that taking good care of their teeth is very important. In-home general dentistry practices such as consistent brushing and flossing, along with regularly visiting a dentist as part of taking good care of their health, are vital concepts that can help them prevent many health issues down the road.

Of course, one of the best ways to instill a valuable lesson into your child is to practice what you preach. When children see their parents taking good care of their teeth, it shows them that practicing good oral hygiene habits is simply a part of life. As this post reveals, practicing good dental habits is definitely a family affair.

General Dentistry

It’s never too late or too early to begin to encourage everyone in a family to start practicing good oral hygiene habits. One of the most important ways to do this is to have every member of a family establish a relationship with a dentist. A general dentistry office is one of the best places to start when one is looking for a dental professional to help maintain an entire family’s oral health. A general dentist is trained in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of both disorders and diseases of the mouth, both for children and adults. General dentists are also trained to spot very complex conditions that may require further dental expertise. In a sense, a family general dentist is much like a primary care physician, who trains to diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions. Similar to a general dentist, a primary care physician may also refer their patients to another medical specialist if they think their patient requires more specialized treatment.

A Provider for the Whole Family

Besides the convenience factors associated with every family member going to the same general dentist, there are also other benefits associated with everyone receiving treatment from the same provider. By going to the same dentist, parents can show nervous children that receiving dental treatment can be a positive experience, rather than a scary one. Parents can also personally review for themselves the various techniques and treatments used by a dentist, rather than relying on potentially unreliable hearsay from their children.

Having everyone receive dental treatment from the same dentist also allows the dentist to become familiar with the entire family as well, along with perhaps some of the unique challenges a patient may face from being a part of a particular family. In addition, some dental conditions tend to be genetic in nature. By treating all members of a family, a dentist may be able to spot dental issues more quickly because they know several others in the same family have the same dental issue as well.

Consistency is Key

Of course, sometimes families cannot remain with one dentist through their lifetime. One or both parents may receive a job offer in another city or state, or one or more family members may have very specialized dentistry needs that require them to seek dental care outside of the general dentistry circle. However, there are still many benefits to receiving consistent dental treatment from one provider for the entire family, especially for children.

Finding a general dentist that is able to work well with young children, provides an opportunity for a big brother or big sister to show their younger siblings that receiving dental care doesn’t have to be a scary event. Dentists also become familiar with their patients over time, and are able to connect with them personally by inquiring about important milestones such as getting on a sports team or graduating from middle school.

More importantly, by remaining with the same general dentist, a dental professional is able to track the progress of their patients over time, whether that progress in positive in nature such as improved brushing habits, or negative as in the case of an increased number of cavities in one of the family members.


Although most families are very busy and have a myriad of demands, activities and challenges, those who take the time to receive regular dental check ups never regret the time they spent to receive great dental care. Dr. John Denison and the team at Denison Family & Cosmetic Dentistry cares about your family, and are ready to help you and your family achieve your brightest, healthiest smiles. Visit us online to schedule your appointment today!